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The Latino Center for Leadership Development (LCLD) is a non-partisan organization formed to create a pipeline of leaders and ideas equipped to address the challenges and opportunities of the Latino community. Our vision is carried out through various efforts including an intensive leadership academy, a policy institute, and numerous strategic initiatives. Through these efforts, the LCLD seeks to connect and effectively align policy, research, and practice for the immediate and long-term success of the Latino community.

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In order to best address the rising opportunities and challenges faced by the Latino community, the Latino Center for Leadership Development provides:

Our Work in Action

Real Leaders. Real Solutions. Real Change.

  • Claudia Sandoval
    Claudia Sandoval
    Leadership Academy Fellow

    “The Leadership Academy motivated me to become more involved in my community.”

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  • Ailleen Cardona
    Ailleen Cardona
    Policy Institute Fellow

    “The Policy Institute has provided me a unique platform to collaborate with other academics and practitioners on the advancement of ideas and policy solutions to serve the Latino community.”

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  • Jose Luis Zelaya
    Jose Luis Zelaya
    Student Volunteer

    “In-state tuition for undocumented students in Texas provided me a path to realizing my dreams. The successful efforts to preserve the law positively impacts thousands of Texans and their families.”

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At the Latino Center for Leadership Development, we are focused on unlocking the potential of the Latino community by building leaders and transforming ideas into action. America's future will be determined by the success of the Latino community. New leaders and ideas must be cultivated to reach our full potential.

“The LCLD’s Leadership Academy helps cultivate emerging leaders who hold a desire to serve their community.

- Henry Cisneros, Former Mayor of San Antonio, TX, and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development -

“The research produced by the LatinoCLD-SMU Tower Center Policy Institute will serve as an asset for policy makers and will help create policies to improve the lives of individuals across Texas and the nation.

- Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas,Texas -

“The LatinoCLD has been an excellent partner on initiatives that bring awareness to the growing influence of the Latino population in the United States.

- Dr. Juan Hernandez, Global Political Consultant and CNN Español Commentator -


Catch up on our efforts to develop new leaders and ideas for the Latino community

2018 National Latino Policy Conference Announced
The Politics of Latina/o Faith: Examining Religion as a Political Cleavage Among Latinas/os

The Politics of Latina/o Faith: Examining Religion as a Political Cleavage Among Latinas/os

Posted on Sep. 29, 2016

Download a PDF Version of the research implications here.

Alicia Reyes-Barriéntez
Ph.D. Candidate, Duke University
Latino CLD/SMU Latino Politics Fellow

Research Implications
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Building a pipeline of leaders and ideas for the Latino community.


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