There has never been a more exciting time to be a Latino in our nation. However, as the Latino population grows at an exponential and rapid rate, it presents a significant set of opportunities and challenges that must be addressed by researchers and policy makers.

How will America deal with a rising Latino poverty rate?

How should we reform our country’s immigration system? What methods should be employed to address the growing Latino educational achievement gap? How can we best maximize the earning potential of Latino workers? These questions only begin to scratch the surface of a set of issues facing individuals in positions of influence which must be addressed to ensure the “next great American generation”, one primarily driven by Latinos, comes to fruition. Unfortunately, these very positions of impact have traditionally lacked diverse representation, particularly when it comes to Latinos in elected and appointed office. Who better to address this than a new generation of thought leaders equipped with a specific set of knowledge and skills aimed at improving the lives of Latinos in American society? Understanding the growing challenges and opportunities the Latino population faces, as well as the need for new ideas and leadership in government equipped to solve dynamic issues, and determined to provide a pipeline of thoughtful individuals ready to make a positive impact in their communities, the Latino Center for Leadership Development was formed.


We develop the next generation of leaders driven by thoughts, values, and experiences that will improve the Latino community.


We cultivate a pipeline of leaders, optimize their strengths and talents, and engage them in thought and practice to meet the growing demand for leadership in the Latino community.