Strategic Initiatives

Bringing to Light Issues Impacting the Latino Community Today.

Our first strategic initiative,, created public awareness of repeal efforts aimed at House Bill 1403 – the Texas law that allows certain immigrant students to attend college while paying in-state tuition rates. The initiative brought together a coalition of businesses, religious entities, education groups, and affected students to help preserve the law and maintain a stronger Texas economy with a more educated workforce.

Santos Rodriguez Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Latino Center for Leadership Development helped to raise awareness to the 1973 shooting death of Santos Rodriguez by a Dallas police officer by starting a scholarship and donor challenge in Santos’ name in conjunction with Southern Methodist University. The Santos Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship will promote Human Rights education for emerging leaders, and honor the memory of a young boy whose life ended far too soon.

The Latino Center for Leadership Development has pledged $100,000 to the campaign to be used for a 2:1 challenge grant. The challenge grant will increase the impact of each gift over $500 by 50%. All gifts of $500 or more will be eligible to be matched until the challenge is reached. Please consider donating to the Santos Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship by visiting:

Guardian of the DREAMers

To recognize the hard work and perseverance of DREAMers across the country, the Latino Center for Leadership Development donated the sculpture by Artist Eliseo titled the “Guardian of the DREAMers/Guardian de los DREAMers” to the Latino Cultural Center. The Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Dallas has officially recognized the sculpture as a donation to the city.

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